Arrival and Departure
Check-in: The apartments are available at 4 pm. Please call us if your arrival will be later than 8 pm.
Check-out: At your departure day we kindly ask you to release the apartments latest at 09:30 am.

If you leave earlier or arrive later than reserved the whole amount will be charged (no deductions).
If less people will arrive than reserved, the whole amount of the apartment will be charged (no deductions).

No unterrenting or wide renting and personal change within the reservation period permits.

Reservation / deposit
Your reservation is only confirmed by receiving a written mail from our side.
We kindly ask you to transfer EUR 200,- per person as a deposit to our bank account.

Cancellation fee
- Cancellations 3 months before your arrival date are free.
- For cancellations from 90 to 30 days before your agreed date of arrival, we charge 40% of the total agreed price.
- For cancellations from 29 to 8 days before your agreed date of arrival, we charge 70% of the total price.
- And for cancellations sent to us within the last 7 days before your agreed date of arrival, we charge 90% of the total price.

We kindly ask you to pay your invoice one day before your departure. We accept cash, EC and CC (Visa, Mastercard).

Minimum stay
If your stay is less than 3 days, we charge you an addition of 10 %.

Daily roll service
For our guests we offer a daily roll service. Please order the rolls for your breakfast the evening before and it will be delivered to your apartment in the morning.

Tap water / Soda maker
The Ischgl local drinking water is a high quality spring water. With the soda maker you can make your own fizzy water easily. So it is not necessary to bring your own bottled water or to buy it at the supermarket.

Smoker / Non-smoker
Our apartments are non-smoking areas. We kindly ask you to smoke on the balcony in your room.

There are free of charge parking places in front of our hotel or in our garage available for you (look at the description of the apartments).

Please inform us within your reservation.
Price: EUR 15,-/day (no food)

We offer you free of charge w-lan in our entire hotel.

The General Terms and Conditions of Business for the hotel industry apply.

You can download the information as a PDF.

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